About Ask Izzy

Ask Izzy helps you find support, now and nearby

Ask Izzy is a website that connects people in need with housing, a meal, money help, family violence support, counselling and much more.

It is free and anonymous, with thousands of services listed across Australia.

And if you’re on the Telstra or Vodafone mobile networks, you can access Ask Izzy on your phone even if you don’t have credit or access to wifi.

Service providers use Ask Izzy too

Ask Izzy is used by service providers, government agencies and corporate hardship teams across Australia to help clients find support.

Ask Izzy takes the hard work out of finding relevant, up-to-date and local support services for your clients, so you don’t get bogged down in admin or referral dead ends.

Funny illustration of a woman doing hurdles with a filing cabinet strapped to her back
“If only there was a website for all this..”

Ask Izzy – it’s for the busy!

There can be so many hurdles to finding the right local support services for your clients – out of date info, technology that’s hard to use, maybe even paper based records!

With Ask Izzy, you can find thousands of support services across Australia right at your fingertips. Visit askizzy.org.au to start your search.

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Who’s behind Ask Izzy?

The Ask Izzy team at Infoxchange

Ask Izzy is powered by Infoxchange, a not-for-profit social enterprise that has been delivering technology for social justice for over 30 years.

Ask Izzy is supported by a team of product managers, designers and developers based at Infoxchange. We also have a team of 15+ database updaters working behind the scenes to ensure that the service listings on Ask Izzy are kept up-to-date and are continually being added to.

Find out more about Infoxchange and the products and services we offer not-for-profit organisations – from client and case management systems to IT support, training, and technology donations and discounts. Visit www.infoxchange.org/products-and-services.

Product Advisory Group

Community collaboration is essential to Ask Izzy’s ongoing improvement and ability to connect people in need with essential services.

This is why we established our first Product Advisory Group (PAG) in 2020. PAG members contribute their skills and experience to ensure Ask Izzy is the best it can be for people in need. Members represent the wider community and bring diverse backgrounds, knowledge, and experience to the group 

Read more about our PAG.

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Partners and supporters

Ask Izzy was developed by Infoxchange in partnership with Googlerealestate.com.au and
News Corp Australia.

Ask Izzy was co-designed with people who have a lived experience of homelessness and leaders in the community sector. Strong collaboration between the community, corporate, government and academic sectors has been key to the success of Ask Izzy.

See a list of our current partners and supporters below.

Partners and supporters

Our work at Ask Izzy wouldn’t be possible without the people and organisations who support us.

Powered by
Ask Izzy - Infoxchange

Ask Izzy is powered by Infoxchange, a not-for-profit social enterprise that has been delivering technology for social justice for over 30 years.

Find out more about Infoxchange

Founding partners
Ask Izzy - Infoxchange
Ask Izzy - Google
Ask Izzy - Realestate
Ask Izzy - Newscorp Australia
Contributing partners
Ask Izzy - Telstra Foundation
Ask Izzy - NAB Foundation
Ask Izzy - Victoria State Government
Ask Izzy - Vodafone Foundation
Ask Izzy - Australian Government
Ask Izzy - CUA
Ask Izzy - Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation